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Your Perspective Camp – 2011

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Your Perspective Camp – 2011 For the eighth year in a row the Your Perspective youth camp (YP from now on) was held in the Crimea July 18-27. The camp is organized by a Christian youth club in Makeyevka, in the Donetsk region of Ukraine (www.mxk.artangel.org.ua) in cooperation with churches of Donetsk, TransWorld Radio, Donetsk Christian University and the Association for Spiritual Renewal. The project reaches out to young people who do not believe in God, who do not attend any local church and do not know the basics of the Christian faith. The main purpose of this project is to create an atmosphere which would help young people to start searching for guidance in the spiritual and moral spheres, and to help them find guidance in the Bible. Total number of participants for all the 8 years is 590 people, 590 changed lives… The key slogan for the camp in July 2011 was a call to “Just live!” The program of the camp was built around discussions of relevant topics for young people between 15 and 25 years old, such as “Who am I?” “What do I live for?” “Whom can I trust?” and so on. “Just live” is a call to make a right choices in life and to find answers to one’s deep personal questions. Real life is life “here and now”. It’s also life with other people in search of personal value, the fullness of which can be reached only in their personal faith in Jesus Christ. Target group: students, young and energetic young people, who are active in their surroundings, potential leaders. In 2011 the participants were also adults who represented different social and professional groups, including 4 officers, 3 people working in Ministry of Emergency Situations, 2 musicians (one of whom is a conductor in an Opera House), 3 orphans. Geographically people were from 5 different regions in Ukraine and from Russia (Urengoi and Rostov-on-Don). The total number of participants this year was 50, 26 of whom were young men, and 24 were young women. In a form they filled out 92% of them stated that they were not practicing Christians, and 6% of them couldn’t decide yet about their faith. It was the first Christian camp that 40 out of the 50 had attended. The main foundation of the camp is the team of leaders whom we start working with 4 months before the camp. What set the YP camp in 2011 apart were thoroughly developed materials which were offered during “life lessons” in an interactive and dynamic format. “Life lessons” are Bible oriented special lessons, when the material is presented in a way that takes into account relevant questions and the needs of young people. What is relevant is decided when meeting with young people before the camp and from the info we receive from the forms they fill in. A flash mob ended up being one of the most important events of our camp. Almost every day 40 people practiced a dance to perform in one of the busiest areas of Balaklava. Preparations for it and especially its performance brought a lot of delight. The flash mob provided an opportunity to share about Jesus, to talk to people in the streets and to share our faith with them. Responses from participants of Your Perspective 2011: “’Life lessons’ were an important part of the camp, also the evenings we spent all together and time in groups. I got to know more what it meant to live with God in my heart. I learned that we cannot be happy without faith in God and love for Him, because I without Him I will live in sin. I hope to come in the near future to communicate with God as my Father--this is my desire.” Ira, 19 years old “This camp gave me an opportunity to hang out with good people. And I really started to understand my mistakes and wrong decisions I have made. I hope that the knowledge I received will help me in future, and change the way I see God and some aspects in my life, such my relationships with my parents, my friends and guys.” Vika, 18 years old “I am happy I came to this camp. I found new friends who have values in their lives. I tried to be open before God in the camp. I’ve found friends who are very dear to me now and I don’t want to loose touch with them. I learnt to trust God with my inner hurts … I repented of my sins before God.” Vsevolod, 21 years old “The essential part of the camp for me was my time spent with good people. We understood each other, supported each other and just rested. I really enjoyed “life lessons”. I dived into (even though not deeply yet) Christianity. I learnt a lot of new things. I started thinking about things I had never thought about before.” Yulia, 17 years old Comments from Your Perspective’s leaders: “Before going to camp, I wondered if I had made the right decision in coming and if I would really be able to serve anyone. The first days of camp worried me. Things weren’t going well and I worried that I wouldn’t be able to do anything, and wondered why I had come. I tried to make friends and realized that if you want to have good relations you need to trust people. I'm trusting person and because of this it was easy for me to build relationships with young people. And some, seeing my openness, began to confide to me. And by the end of this camp, I realized that my presence served young people. Many came up to me and thanked me for just listening and being supportive. I believe that this camp helps young people to confide in each other and deal with their deeper problems, as well as learn about God through our life lessons, and relationships between team members. I'd love to participate in this camp again next year.” Katya, 19 “Every summer that I participate in the Your Perspective camp is unforgettable. This camp breaks down the walls of everyday life and helps us see true reality--here everything is different. Here you can be real. This is a special camp which will stay with you forever, because at its head it has Jesus. I’m convinced that the Your Perspective camp changes lives.” Tanya, 21 “Every year Your Perspective amazes me with its originality. Over a period of 8 years God has given me the opportunity to participate in this project and each year I look forward to this significant event in my life. At Your Perspective you are drawn into an atmosphere of miracles. Wonderful changes take place in the lives of young people: in their understanding of the world and themselves, formation of new values for creating relationships with the people who surround us, principles of frankness and trust. Every year this camp develops my character and my inner world.” Volodya, 39 “I’m very happy that this camp exists and that I can participate in it. I wouldn’t exchange participating in YP even for an overseas vacation. It is a place where I can feel happy, because there I’m concentrated on carrying out the mission that is entrusted to me by God – spreading the light of the Gospel. It is a real happiness to communicate with young people. Here I’m not only teaching, but I’m learning… learning a lot… This camp is always an event I look forward to all year.” Katya, 26 “Over and over again I’m convinced that Your Perspective lives up to its name by revealing to each participant a healthy perspective on spiritual and emotional changes. And these changes happen in both the participants and leaders of the camp. I’m convinced of this by my own experience. Every year the camp brings about positive changes in my life, every time touching new aspects of my inner world. I’m very happy that I have such a wonderful opportunity to be in this camp, be in an atmosphere where young people are learning to build relationship on the basis of trust and honesty.” Ira, 37 “Your Perspective is an amazing project. I really like its unusual approach of holding this kind of camp for youth who know little about God and His principles. The topics taught to the participants are very relevant to them, so the life lessons are very interesting. Analyzing this past camp I see a lot of positive changes in the participants’ thinking. They shared about changes in their understanding of God, and their perspectives on relationships between guys and girls, and between children and parents, in the light of God’s purpose. I think that’s very important work that the Church should be doing. May God bless this project, and through it make young people think seriously about the meaning of life and, through an increased knowledge of God and His principles, find their place in this world.” Alex, 24

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